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Lets face it, if you don’t have a great website you’re not going to reach the audience you want. You need to have a marketing plan in place to set your massage business apart from the competition. If you can master the art of SEO (search engine optimization) then your website will be well on its way to first page ranking!

I have prepared for you a list of 50 words and short phrases that prospective clients search each month on Google. These are words that are the less obvious words which helps when it comes to ranking. 

Words like massage therapy or Swedish massage are searched thousands of times a month but it is impossible to rank for these words because they are to competitive. The list I will provide you are words and phrase that are low competition that will help your new massage business website start to climb in ranking over the course of a few month.

Side note, years ago I paid a company $1,000 to do this for me, they said I needed a marketing plan for my massage business and there services would accomplish that for me.

What they did for me did help but I learned later I could do it myself for free, so that is what I am doing for you! No guess work on your end, I hope you find this list useful.

  1. Find a massage therapist
  2. Home massage therapist
  3. Deep tissue massage therapist
  4. Medical massage therapist
  5. Medical massage therapy
  6. What is a tension headache
  7. What is a migraine headache
  8. Massage therapist near me
  9. Back pain managment
  10. Treatment for chronic pain
  11. Dealing with chronic pain
  12. Acute chronic pain
  13. Relieve chronic pain
  14. Living with Chronic pain
  15. Treat chronic pain
  16. Chronic pain relief treatment
  17. Managing chronic pain
  18. Sciatic nerve pain relief stretches
  19. Sciatic nerve pain relief massage
  20. Sciatic nerve pain relief home remedy
  21. Exercise for sciatic nerve pain relief
  22. Sciatic nerve pain relief exercies
  23. Best self massage tools
  24. Causes shoulder neck pain
  25. What is the cause of neck pain
  26. Possible causes of neck pain
  27. How to stop shoulder pain
  28. Arthritis pain managment
  29. Comprehensive pain management
  30. Sciatic nerve pain management
  31. Pain management resource
  32. Pain management for chronic back pain
  33.  Cupping massage therapy
  34. Cupping therapy treatment
  35. Cupping therapy benefits
  36. Cupping therapy side effects
  37. Massage cupping therapy
  38. Cupping treatment
  39. Stretches to relieve lower back pain
  40. How to relieve lower back pain
  41. Stretches for lower back pain
  42. Hot stone massage therapy
  43. Deep tissue massage therapy
  44. Massage therapy edication
  45. Massage therapy videos
  46. Swedish massage therapy techniques
  47.  Sports massage therapy benefits
  48. Reiki massage benefits
  49. Crainal sacral therapy massage
  50. Pregnancy massage techniques

This list should give you an idea of what people are searching for everyday. Some of these words will work and some will not, pick and choose what works for your site.

The trick with SEO is not to stuff your site with keywords but to naturally add them in like you were writing a friend a letter.

In addition to having the name of your town on your contact page it is also a good idea to have it on your home page. This helps Google crawl your site more efficiently so people know they are on the right site for them. 


A great way to get more keywords on your site is by blogging. Blogging allows you to answer commonly asked questions your clients have, it also gives you an opportunity to add pictures to your website. Adding relevant pictures of you working or pictures of your office , and any events you are working will help tell a story about your business and give your website a heart beat.

When blogging try to create a new article once a week but if that’s not possible, at least once a month to tell your clients your still there. Keep your blogs relevant to your business, not your personal life.

Topic ideas:

  1. Answer clients questions
  2. Talk about CEU’s you have just taken or plan to take
  3. Talk about spiritual growth, and health
  4. Talk about self-care items your clients could benefit from
  5. Give proper stretching tips

Skies the limits on topic you can cover, just take your time and write from the heart, your clients will appreciate that in the long run.

Maximize SEO

SEO needs to be your objective in everything you write, when your website is brand new keep it simple and start with:

  • Home page
  • Service page
  • About me page
  • Blog page
  • Contact page

On each of these pages you need to naturally sprinkle keywords throughout but don’t jam the pages with words that don’t make sense just for the sack of getting them on the page. Google is smart and website ranking doesn’t work that way anymore which is why you need to blog.

Google wants to see helpful content that answers peoples question, if people stay on your site for several minutes, Google will take notice that your site is helping someone and this will increase your ranking.

Final tips

Something many websites fail to do when applying SEO throughout there websites is adding a description for each page. The description box is what you see under a URL, it’s an opportunity to tell people what that page is about in roughly two sentences. It is crucial to nail the description! Most people will not even click on a site if there isn’t a description, I wouldn’t, would you?

If you would like more helpful marketing strategies you should check out my page on 21 marketing tips that actually work or if you are ready to start building your brand new website click here for helpful tips to get started!

Free 50 keyword list for any type of massage therapy website

Thanks for reading!



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  1. I am a long time therapist, trigger point, neuromuscular, pregnancy, swedish, etc. Have always worked for a spa and have a good following. Am ready to go on my own with another therapist/friend and rent a room to share. We have a successful friend who is #3 on Google in our are. She gets a lot of business from her website. Am in the process of looking for help, but don’t know much about or how to do digital marketing. Do you do this?


    1. Author

      Dear Lynnel,
      I am sorry for the late response, life is always so busy. I hope you were able to get your businesses up and running. Being your own boss is so freeing but it can be scary to. In terms of digital marketing, I actually think less is best. If you have a business Facebook group I would sprinkle in some advertising, or funny massage related cartoons, maybe some fun/interesting massage facts. You don’t need to be everywhere but it does help to be consistent.

      I like to use https://www.canva.com/ to create eye catching simple images. I still use the free version, the paid version will obviously get you all the other fun goodies but I get by with free version just fine. I also use royalty free images from https://pixabay.com/ to help create some free advertisements.

      Maybe try doing what I’m doing right now. Start a website and write about massage! Write about why you love it, why do you want to help, you know write about things that get your blood pumping! Not only will fresh new articles boost your business ranking on Google but it will give your website a heart beat.

      I hope these suggestions help, and you don’t know how much it means to me that you read and enjoyed my article!

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