Best 3 Topical Pain Relief Creams

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Since I opened my massage practice, I am always trying new products to see what works best for my clients. My office is littered with half full tubes of different pain relief creams claiming to help with inflammation, muscles and joint aches. I have learned over the years many products do not live up to the hype and simply don’t work.

Despite several failed products I do have a short list of pain relief creams you should give a try if you suffer from arthritic, sore fatigue muscles. As always I must stress, what works for some does not work for all. The creams I will discuss some have been FDA approved and others have not. If you wish to try one or more of these products, be sure to read the labels and purchase at your own discretion. With that said here is my top three creams you should give a try.

1: Penetrex Pain Relief Cream

Penetrex has been described as “magic in a bottle” I was first introduced to this cream by a long time client of mine. What people are saying about Penetrex:

“I tried this & started working right away. I had no pain! I just couldn’t believe how well this really worked. I have arthritis pain in my foot and it had been swelling up. So I figured over 15,000 almost 5 start reviews could be wrong.

So in figured why not take a chance. I’m sad I waited so long to try it! Is been a month and had only applied it like 3 times on weeks apart. I haven’t had any pain since. I didn’t hesitate to send my mom some because she took suffered from arthritis pain. However, she had a prescription for creme from her seen Dr.she said cost $50 and it was a small tube. She tried it and couldn’t believe how fast and well it worked. We called it a miracle from heaven, God answered both of our prayers for relief from our pain.

Then my mother in law saw me putting it on one day she visited and asked me what it was. I told her, she ordered some because she was having knee issues. She called me after she talked to her Dr. to make sure it was OK for her to use this creme and he OK’d her to use it and staid same thing. She said she ordered the 6 pack because it was the”miracle cream” for relieving pain!

Then while on vacation was when my mother in law called and thanking me., my brother in law said he had over issues too and he came to hotel room and tried it out and couldn’t believe it began to work as soon as he put it on! Add we walked the boardwalk he kept saying he couldn’t believe how well it was working! We all came into agreement it is “The Miracle Pain Cream from Heaven”. I highly recommend! Don’t wait or doubt this will work, it really does!”

This cream comes in a 2 oz container and retails for $19. It is also available in a 3 oz roll on version for $25. The Penetrex also comes in a 4 oz container but I always recommend trying the smaller portion first to make sure it works for you. If you are one to base your purchasing persuasions on the number of reviews an item has, then Penetrex has you covered in that department with just shy of 23,000  five star reviews. If you read through any of the reviews you will see many amazing stories of chronic pain and arthritis  just vanish with this product. Stories like that make my inner massage nerd giggle.

2: Organic Hemp Extract Pain Relief Cream Plus Arnica and MSM

CBD Oil is new to many of us so there will be a learning curve. I live in Indiana and it was only a few months ago that a bill was passed making CBD Oil legal for purchase. Since I work closely with those that suffer from chronic pain I had been watching the news closely leading up to the CBD Oil vote. A few days after the bill passed I headed into my local herb and supplement store to check out the latest additions.

Since CBD oil was brand new to Indiana I did not have a lot of selections and the clerk was not exactly helpful. In fact, I felt like I was educating him more then getting my questions answered. Regardless, I ended up purchasing a traditional drop oil to be ingested or I could add it to my massage oil and I also purchased a topical balm.  In total the 2 items cost me around $90.

The balm I purchased contained only 50 mg per 2 oz of actual CBD extract. This is a weak amount of oil that has little to no effect, which I learned after only a few uses. I believe it had a mild effect on my mother as I worked it into her shoulder but when I used it on myself, I didn’t feel the $40 price tag.

If you are looking to purchase any CBD oil products, you want to see 100-200 mg for topicals and it can go as high as 200 mg per 2 oz. The higher the mg the stronger the concentrate.  The Alpha hemp relieve cream listed above has 100 mg per 2 oz, organic with a price tag of $30 on Amazon. I currently do not offer CBD oil products in my office at this time since there is still to much gray area surrounding this product. In years to come I hope to incorporate it into my massages in a big way!

3: Biofreeze

I LOVE BIOFREEZE! I have used this product since I started my career as a massage therapist 14 years ago. Biofreeze is a light green gel that goes on cool to sooth soar achy muscles. It does have a sent to it but once the gel drys, the smell disappears; not like icy hot where the smell last far beyond the benefits of the cream.

Biofreeze comes in three forms; gel, roll on, and a spray. I have always recommended my clients to not get the spray because I  feel you lose some of the product that way. I always use gel, it is easy to take just what I need for that client. The roll on is great for personal use, as you can lightly massage the gel into the soar area. Both the Biofreeze gel and roll on  retail for $10 on amazon. Until recently Biofreeze could only be purchased by health care professionals, now you can find it conveniently in your local grocery store. I must note Amazon has the best price, I have seen Walmart is consistently higher by a few dollars. I love this product so much I used to give it to my family members as Christmas stocking stuffers.

Short and sweet

I have used other products over the years that have provided some relief for my clients but of them these 3 are the best in my opinion. When applying the creams or gel, a little goes along way. Per client I use around a nickels worth of product and that covers the area just fine. When using a roll on, simply apply the product directly to the skin and lightly roll over the affected area till you have a even layer of coverage.

If you are experiencing a significant amount of pain or inflammation, it is safe to apply each of these products multiple times throughout the day. If you experience irritation or a rash from these products, stop using them immediately and if the irritation does not clear up, talk to your doctor.

I hope you found this article helpful and if you have any question or if you have found other pain relief creams that work for you, please share and thanks for reading!


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