FAQ When Buying A Portable Massage Table

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When buying a portable massage table this is likely the first big purchase you will make as a massage therapist. There is a good chance you will need to purchase your massage table before you begin you’re massage therapy program. It is an option to buy a used portable massage table but I don’t 100{aa85435535b2bb3a4ba78547bb21fc32eb7710b0e77a951858af600607b97eba} recommend going that route.

Next to your hands, your massage table is a quintessential component to your business. Mean, if you have a crappy massage table your clients will not come back. If a client is not comfortable during a massage session, how do you expect them to relax?

For this reason I suggest buying new, unless you know the person you are buying from and the massage table is in good condition. A brand new portable massage table is not as expensive as you would think, in fact my favorite portable massage table on the market right now is only $119.

That is not bad at all, and it comes with everything you need to get started as a massage therapist, well almost everything. The table I am referring to is call the Sierra Comfort SC-901, this particular table comes with quit a bit of extras for the price!

Sierra Comfort SC 901 includes:

  1. Side are rest extenders
  2. Front arm rest (great for larger clients)
  3. Side oil/cream pouch
  4. Side towel hanger
  5. Travel case
  6. Center face cut out
  7. Small half leg bolster
  8. 1 set of white massage table sheets
  9. 5 year limited warranty 

Additional features:

The Sierra Comfort SC-901 All-Inclusive portable massage table adjusts in height from 23-33 inches tall and has a weight capacity of 450 lbs. The SC-901 exact measurements are 72 x 28 x 33 (L W H), if you a tall client, you can extend the removable face-cradle to add an additional 10 inches of length as needed. The total weight of this table is 31 lbs making it an ideal portable massage table for traveling events.

This lightweight massage table comes with a convenient carry case with two straps for easy transport. Although the table is light the shape of a massage table can be awkward but you will have that with any portable massage table. If you believe this could be an issue, you have two options.

Option 1: Massage table cart, fits all brands

  • Fits portable massage tables for all brands and sizes up to 32″.
  • Oversized 6″ wheels make maneuvering easy.
  • Resilient telescoping handle makes handling the table even easier.
  • Easy to fold for compact storage.
  • Never feel the pain of lugging around a massage table again!
  • Click here to get this cart



Option 2: Master Massage Universal Wheeled Massage Table Carry Case


  • Easy way to store and transport portable massage tables, fits all folding massage tables from 28″ to 31″
  • Unbreakable metal hardware, One Year Guarantee
  • Sturdy ergonomic shoulder strap and adjustable cross-body straps; Snap-lock buckles securely fasten portable massage tables in carrying case
  • 4″ booted wheel chassis with indestructible rubber-coated, non-squeak, multi-directional wheels supported by high-quality ball bearing mounts
  • 5 storage compartments for massage bolster, tools and massage accessories
  • Get this case, click here

Either one of these items are great to have if you plan on attending offsite events often. In my early years as a massage therapist I would go to ever convention, office Christmas parties, you name it I was there.  I personal have the universal wheel bag. I liked the having all the storage it provides so I didn’t need to carry a backpack anymore which always looked a bit unprofessional in my option.

Having your massage table on wheels is also really nice if you have to carry your massage table from a parking garage then cross a busy street downtown in the middle of the work day.

I had to do that twice a week for years since I had a standing appointment with a small business when I lived in Saint Louis. Side note, if you can land those kinds of gigs, they pay in spades corporate gigs pay well and can be a nice supplement to your income.


  1. Q: How do I get oil stains out of the sheets the tables comes with?

A: First off, I don’t recommend white sheets for any massage therapist but the table comes with them so you might as well use them. If you get oil stains on your sheet, apply a generous portion of baby powder over the oil stain while the sheets are dry and let it sit over night. Wash and repeat as necessary but in the long term I would go with dark sheets. I like dark brown sheets, that’s all I use at this point.

2. Q: Do portable massage tables creak or make any other noises when clients get on/off the table?

A: A good portable massage table should not make noise when a client moves on the table. If you hear excessive noise coming from your table I would immediately check the legs to make sure all the nobs are tight and all the legs are set to same height. Every time you set up your table ALWAYS CHECK THE LEGS before your first client lays on the table.

3. Q: Is the cushion thick enough so large breasted women are comfortable while laying face down?

A: Yes, the SC-901 has 2.5 inches of dense foam support allowing for maximum support for all body types

4. Q: What is the middle cut out for?

A: The opening on the massage table is for the face. If you are doing sporting events and will not require sheets, this is a nice option. I didn’t get it at first but after researching this design I think it is very functional and a good addition to the table.

5. Q: Is the table height adjustable?

A: Yes! The table can be a low as 23 inches from the ground and as tall as 33 inches

6. Q: Does the front face rest adjust?

A: Yes! You can adjust the face rest to accommodate any of your clients needs.

7. Q: How wide is the table with the side armrest installed?

A: 36″

8. Q: What is the dimensions of table when it is folder?

A: Closed: 38 Long x 28 Wide x 7 Thick

9. Q: What is the length of the table when the face rest is in place?

A: The table including the headrest is 81 inches

10. Q: Does the table have a adjustable back?

A: No, some portable massage tables have that option but the SC-901 does not offer that function.

11. Q: Is the table hard to put together?

A: NO! The only thing you need to do when you first receive your portable massage table is determine where you want to set your leg height to. To do this you just need to line up the corresponding holes and tighten the nobs. I like to count from the bottom up to make sure I set all the legs to the same height the first time so I don’t have to redo it. If you are the only person using the table you will not need to readjust the legs again. Just check the nob from time to time to make sure they are tigh

12. Q: If a piece on the table breaks, who would I call?

A: You would contact Sierra Comfort directly, Click here for there contact information  

13. Q: Can you put the face cradle on either end of the table?

A: No, the corresponding holes for the face rest are only on one side.

14.  Q: Can other professionals use this table other then massage therapist?

A: YES! The SC-901 does not discriminate. This is a multinational table that chiropractors, personal trainers, esthetician , PT, and OT can use.

15. Q: Is it OK to put a heater pad on the table or would it ruin the leather?

A: The Sierra Comfort was designed with luxury in mind and it most definitely can handle a heating pad

16. Q: Is the caring case soft or hard?

A: The carry case is a soft woven mesh / nylon material.

17. Q: Are there any additional accessories needed to for this table?

A: This portable table comes with everything you need to get started except lotion or a holster, you will need to purchase those separately.

18.Q: How do I clean my portable massage table?

A: I use Clorox wipes for my table

19. Q: Can I do exercises on this table?

A: YES! This is a sturdy table that can help with your exercise needs.

20. Q: Does this table come with a chair?

A: No, you would need to purchase a chair separately

Final thought on the Sierra Comfort:

If you are looking for a portable massage table that is lightweight, affordable, and dependable then this is the one for you. If you are a massage therapy student just starting out it has everything you need all for one price ( except cream and a holster).

Even if you are not new to the industry, the accessories the Sierra Comfort comes with make it great for traveling events or to stay in your office. This table could work for chiropractors, PT’s, OT’s, Esthetician, and of course massage therapist.

With a price tag so low and the quality so high it’s no wonder if you are a bit skeptically, don’t take my word for it  just check out the 1,500 great reviews and come to your own conclusions.

For more information about this massage table and to read it’s reviews, click here!

If the Sierra Comfort didn’t knock your socks off then you might be interested in reading my top 5 portable massage tables and see if one of those rings you’re bell.

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a question, comment, or concern below.

Thanks a bunch….







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