Have you ever had those days where you feel old; like really, really old? Your thinking, I know I’m busy but damn my body hurts. I have no energy, my body is falling apart and your like, “only 25 more years till retirement”. Well that’s both my husband and I just about every day. For many people in their 30’s life is busy; young families, careers are taking off (hopefully), and homes with never ending projects. Well that’s us, my husband drives for UPS, I have my own massage therapy business, we have a crazy 2 year old and a big doggy who needs love too.

With a constant crazy schedule it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, ran down, and tired all the time. If you’re not careful your busy schedule will get the best of you and I mean the best of you, leaving no time or energy for yourself. “Doing for everyone else and nothing for myself” is something I am guilty of, far to often.  Going through life with a mentality like this will leave you drained and perhaps resentful. I work myself so hard I physically and mentally have a break down about once a months, fortunately I have a husband who is always there to pick up the pieces and help put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

There has got to be a better way?  I’m not trying to be a super mom, I just want to be happy and healthy for my family and most importantly myself. I believe if I can find harmony within myself it will help my family in the long run. Like most adults we feel the need to take every task on except the most important task of all, which is taking care of ourselves.

Prolonged neglect of our own bodies will lead to lack of energy, restless sleep, weight gain, joint aches and pains, pretty much full body itis all the time. So what’s the solution? If you want to stay at the top of your game and be there for your family, it starts with taking care of yourself. A large complaint I often hear in my massage practice is about chronic joint pain. Joint pain doesn’t just affects the old, it affect all ages of people. In a recent study, it was reported that nearly 60{aa85435535b2bb3a4ba78547bb21fc32eb7710b0e77a951858af600607b97eba} of the US population suffer from some sort of joint pain.

What is joint pain?

First let me explain what a joint is. Joints are the formation of ligaments that connect bone to bone, they’re like duct tape holding bones together but allow for specific movements and actions. The human body has 11 different types of joints but for today’s article I will list the 7 joints that experience the most wear.

  1. Hinge: Ankle, Elbow, and Knee
  2. Ball and Socket: Hip
  3. Pivot: Neck and Forearm
  4. Gliding or “Condyloid”: Wrist (in between the carpal bones that form the wrist)
  5. Saddle: Thumb joint
  6. Slightly Movable: Between vertebrae of the spinal cord
  7. Immovable: Sutures found between the bones of the skull

Chronic joint pain symptoms:

The most common way joint pain  is described to me by my massage clients is that it feels like a deep pain in the area that “flares up” from:

  1. Over use
  2. Being stretch beyond the normal comfort level
  3. A recent trauma

The area feels sore to move and sometimes too sore to touch. When I am working on an inflamed joint at times I can see swelling.  In a lot of cases I will feel heat coming from the area.  As a body- worker, I focus on areas that display warmer than normal spots because that is an indication of a locked energy field. These different heat zones can be found all over the body at different times depending on what the individual has been doing to themselves since their last massage.

What causes inflammation in the body?

It is not uncommon to have different parts of the body inflamed at different times. When an area is inflamed and feels warm to the touch, that is because your body has just sent a large blood supply to the injured or ill  area to repair it. Your joints may also feel sore if you are feeling a bit under the weather. As your lymphatic system is working overtime to get you better, your joints will also swell as the lymph nodes are working hard around them. This will subside when you start to feel better, in addition to illness other external sources can contribute to inflammation in the body.

Foods that cause inflammation in the body:

What we eat has a direct impact on our internal and external health. Food should be fuel, but for many of us eating the right foods just isn’t happening. A poor diet will not only cause your weight to yo-yo but certain foods can change your chemical composition, your emotions, and have a dire effect on your joints.

List foods that cause inflammation:

Does caffeine cause joint pain?

When researching for this article I was curious to see if caffeine potentially could contribute to severe joint pain. Thank heavens from what I have learned caffeine does not have a direct connection to joint pain, but caffeine does affect the body in other ways. It is reported that a healthy adult can consume up to 3 cups of coffee or caffeinated beverages a day and you should be good to go.

One of the things  I stress to all my clients is the importance of proper hydration. The human body is 60{aa85435535b2bb3a4ba78547bb21fc32eb7710b0e77a951858af600607b97eba} water and we need to be continuously replacing it. Water helps enrich our red blood cells which provides oxygen to the body. Caffeine shrinks blood vessel walls and restricts the bloods ability to circulate fresh blood throughout the body, thus denying joints and

the fuel they need to operate properly.  To see if you are drinking enough water click here.

Can stress cause joint pain?


Stress in unavoidable, we all have it and we all deal with it in our own ways. Some people can take a moment and breathe through the s*** storm in front of them and others flip tables. I have been known to flip a table from time to time. Like 40 million other Americans I  suffer from anxiety with a touch of depression. I am my mothers child and  I do not handle stress very well. Let me rephrase that, I can handle A LOT, but when life keeps hitting you in the face with one major catastrophe after another, I snap!  Once I hit that wall its difficult to come back, stress can kill!

We all know stress is bad but what does stress actually do to the body?

As a massage therapist I work closely with those that are stressed out on a regular basis. I see and feel the effects of stress in many form and I can tell you from first hand experience, stress can kill you! The long term effects of stress on the body can wreak havoc on every one of your systems. Chronic stress, or a constant stress experienced over a prolonged period of time, can contribute to long-term problems for the heart and blood vessels.

Stress and anxiety increase the production of Cortisol and Adrenaline which causes your blood pressure to spike. Prolonged serge’s of Cortisol and Adrenaline will cause your blood pressure to rise an your blood vessels to shrink. This can lead to cardiac arrest and other major health concerns if left untreated.

Stress also has an immediate effect on the muscle and joint.  Muscles tense up to protect themselves from injury when you’re stressed. They tend to release again once you relax, but if you’re constantly under stress, your muscles may not get the chance to relax. Tight muscles cause headaches, back and shoulder pain, and body aches. I will never be without a job as a massage therapist as long as stress exists.

So what’s the solution?

As a massage therapist I see the effects of stress on the body and I listen to my clients frustrations everyday. At 34 years old  I have the same frustrations, I hurt as well and I want safe natural remedies for my joint pain. In order to tackle chronic joint pain we need to start with the food we put into our bodies. Your body is a machine and without proper fuel a machine can not operate at it’s best.

If you want to stop joint pain, it starts with what your putting in your grocery cart! 

The Anti Inflammatory Diet and Action Plans makes inflammation a thing of the past by offering:

It has been several years now since a friend of mine introduced me to this book. I love cook books, I love all kinds of cook books and this particular book is amazing, with it’s easy to read, anyone can cook like this. It’s a great resource when trying to eat clean. 


Thug Kitchen takes a funny and practical approach to the modern kitchen. The recipes focus on creating balanced dishes that the whole family can enjoy. Some of the recipes are a bit advanced but I love a good challenge!

Other natural remedies for joint pain:

A tip I tell a lot of my clients is to alternate hot and cold which allows the muscles and joints a opportunity to expand and contract. Heat helps open the blood vessels and allow fresh rich blood to the area and the ice creates a vasodilation effect, decreasing your blood pressure. The two together help expand and contract the muscles which will take pressure off the joints momentarily.

Get your butt up and start moving!

Increasing your physical activity will help increase circulation in the body and help with your mood. Consistent movement will help keep your joints loose and limber!

Get a massage!

I am a massage therapist so of course I will suggest massage, the instant relief I provide my clients everyday is no joke. I am often told I am the best part of someones day, heck sometimes the month! Massage will not only help with severe joint pain but it will also help with stress! Massage is amazing but don’t be afraid of giving Acupuncture a try as well.

 Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicines out there and it works! I have done Acupuncture several times over the years for a variety of things and I felt like it helped tremendously. When researching local Acupuncturist be sure to look for the appropriate credentials.

Lastly, I want to circle back to stress for a minute. Stress in it self is why my massage practice is thriving, stress affects every last one of us and we suffer because of it. If you do not take action and learn how to overcome your stress, it will consume you. I have seen so many of my clients, friends and family members suffer from their stress. There is another way, if you can master your emotion and channel that energy, you will be unstoppable in all that you do!

Over the years I have read numerous self help books in the hopes of having valuable information to share with my clients.  The next program I want to share with you is call 7 Minute Mindfulness  


In this audio series 7 minute mindfulness, it provides guided mediation tips and wisdom to help bring balance and harmony to your life. The series covers topics like:

There is a real difference in those that have mindfulness and those that are consumed by the world around them. If you can overcome negative mindsets and behaviors, you truly will have peace. Peace is what so many of us lack in our lives. It’s such an easy concept, but so many of us lack peace of mind and  peace of heart.

When clients leave my office they are relaxed with a clear head, I gave that to them but that clarity is temporary. If you want peace like that you have to work towards that peace.

A peaceful mind is a free mind, a free mind is a unstoppable mind…

I hope you found this article helpful as you look for answers regarding your health. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading







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