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Back pain is something I am all to familiar with, more specifically low lumbar back pain.  Hello, I’m Kelly and for the last 14 years I have had the pleasure of being a medical massage therapist (MT) working with those suffering from a variety of aches and pains. I have seen everything from degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, TOS, TMJ, burn survivors, far to many car accident victims, and the most common complaints low lumbar pain.

Of all the injuries I see, one always stands out to me above the rest and that’s lower back pain. On a daily basis I see clients who are experiencing chronic and acute low back pain; chronic meaning 24/7 pain and acute meaning pain when doing certain moments. I have been doing this so long I can usually size up the client and know exactly where I need to work. Even if I have a good idea of how I want to approach the session I always listen to the clients concerns first.

If you didn’t already guess it, sitting is the No.1 cause of low back pain and as a society that’s all we do. In fact, according to PRNewswire a recent study found that the average American sites or lays on average 21 hours a day! Some of this can not be avoided, if you have a job that requires you to sit and a standing desk is not an option then your stuck. I can confidently say the number one reason people find there way into my office is due to a sedentary life style.

I understand completely; your tired, busy, and you have children and responsibilities so when you get a free moment to yourself you want to sit in a quite room and relax. I am just as guilty as then next parent but it’s choices like this that will leave you with aches and pains and your’re low lumbar and hips will suffer for it.

I spend the majority of my massage sessions stretching clients and educating them as to why their low lumbar back is in pain and doesn’t seem to be getting better. For years I spent everyday working with those suffering from pain but I never truly understood what it felt like to have sciatica, chronic hip pain, or low back pain. That all changed when I became pregnant with my son, it was at this time my career path changed forever.

In a nut shell my pregnancy was horrible; I gained 84 points on a 5’1′ petite frame in the middle of summer, it was awful! I can remember perfectly the first time I truly experienced sciatic pain. I was 5 months pregnant standing in the kitchen talking to husband as he was cooking. I was in mid sentence when all of a sudden my right leg gave out and I fell to the ground.

The pain was so intense I didn’t even know what hit me, and I had to sit on the floor for several minutes before I had the strength to stand. My troubles didn’t stop there, over the course of my pregnancy I had excruciating lower back pain, chronic sciatic pain always on my right side, and pregnancy carpal tunnel.

Due to my injuries I had to start maternity leave much sooner then expected, even after I had my son I still could not return to work till close to three months postpartum. Some would look at that story as an awful time in ones life, but I don’t feel that way. One, I got my son out of the deal so that in itself is awesome, two I now had a better appreciation for my clients and I could better understand their concerns and frustrations.

Before returning to work I was ordered to go to physical therapy where I met an amazing physical therapist that is now my friend who we work together on occasion. He has taught me so much about the body and movements that has made me a better massage therapist.

Traditional lumbar back pain treatments

Traditional lumbar back pain treatments can be frustrating, in my experience the information was always incomplete or you would try something and it would kind of help but it was not sustainable and the lumbar pain would return.  For me, my right hip was never the same after I had my son. Once my pain become an everyday occurrence I went to see my chiropractor who was also my old boss. We did an X-ray of my low lumbar and hips to see what was going on. I explained to him I would experience burning sensations going down my right glut that went the entire length of the back of my leg and sometimes into my foot.

I also told him the front of my hip right where the Tensor fasciae latae muscle  is located feels like it’s shorten and I can’t stretch it effectively which causes me significant pain when I walk for long periods of time. The pain eventually traveled up my glut and now my right low lumbar is on fire most days.

My X-ray relieved I had the early signs of osteoarthritis, I was 34 years old I had a 2 year old and I was running a busy massage business. I didn’t have time for low back or hip pain, I needed relief and I needed it now!

It was at that point I had it, I am a body worker and I needed to figure this out, so I started trying everything:

  1. Exercise
  2. Stretching
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Chiropractic care
  5. Physical therapy
  6. Massage
  7. Anti-inflammatory

You name it I tried it, I was so frustrated that nothing was working. For 14 years I have been able to take away pain for so many people but I couldn’t fix myself, I felt like a failure. My pain become so bad I thought I would have to close my business because I didn’t have the stamina for more then 1-2 massages a day. My business is a big part of my identity and I was not willing to give that up without a fight!

After I exhausted everything I had ever known about low back pain treatment exercises I called my physical therapy buddy and I told him I just can’t figure this thing out and I can’t keep going around in circles trying different back pain treatments that don’t work for me.

It was at that time he asked me if I had ever heard of a massage therapist named Morgan Sutherland? I thought it may have been a local MT he wanted me to try, but instead he was the author of a program that my physical therapist friend had just heard about at a convention he recently attended.

My friend went on to explain how Morgan took several disciplines of traditional low lumbar back pain treatments and added new exercises he came up with in his massage practice and created a program that was highly effective. In the physical therapy office my friend showed me a few of the movements, some of the movements involved elastic bands, some used foam roller exercises that were done in a way I had not seen before. But most of the movements were just me stretching the right muscles in a particular order for a certain amount of sets which helped me immediately! My massage nerd radar was jumping for joy, after one session with the physical therapist I wanted to know everything about Morgan Sutherland!

21 Days To A Pain Free Back:

Morgan did not just write a book, he created an entire program that could help real people with busy lives take back control of their bodies.

Sadly there is no easy button when it comes to lumbar pain relief, this will require work but what’s great about Morgan’s program is that he understood that many people can’t or don’t have the time for long labor intensive stretches to fix their chronic pain. So he found a way to make effective movements in a particular order that anyone can do in under 15 minutes and these exercises can be done anywhere!

With the pain pill epidemic in our country people everywhere are looking for alternatives to traditional pain management. As a society we are waking up and are willing to try new healthy alternatives that can help with chronic pain, weight loss, and emotional instabilities like anxiety and depression.

One thing that drew me towards the Back Pain Survival Guide was that Morgan was a fellow massage therapist which made me curious to see his take when it came to low lumbar pain as well as other popular aches and pains clients have. I read a lot about the body, but it’s always the same information just phrased differently and that’s frustrating when you are trying to find more ways to effectively relieve low lumbar pain.

After reading the 21 Days To A Pain Free Back, I knew he got it. Morgan’s Back Pain Survival Guide was the total package I had been looking for all these years. I found this program to be the most effective thing I had ever used in my clients and for myself. I learned so much from his teachings but if you are not a body worker don’t worry, this information is intended for those who have no prior knowledge of the body or how the body moves.

The Back Pain Survival Guide is for those looking for the best back pain treatments that you can actually do! The teachings in this program give you everything that you need to help with low lumbar back pain, chronic shoulder pain, pinched nerves, muscle spasms and so much more. I also love how Morgan spends so much time talking about what many people do subconsciously everyday which is preventing them from getting better.

I think Morgan did a great job explaining common bad habits we are all guilty of:

  1. Repetitive motions
  2. Bad posture
  3. Stress
  4. Bad body mechanics
  5. Poor sleeping

What causes lower back pain:

As stated before low back pain can have many sources so what I tell my clients is to try and be present in your life. Meaning, pay attention to your daily routine, don’t just go through motions.

  1. Are you sitting all day?
  2. Do you always carry a hand bag on the same side?
  3. Do you sit on a wallet?
  4. How do you sleep; back, side or stomach?
  5. Are you lugging  kids around all day?
  6. Are you over weight?
  7. Have you had any surgeries?
  8. Do you have a repetitive motion job?
  9. Are you training for anything?
  10. Do you walk a large dog 4 times a day?

The list can go on and on, again this is what I love about Morgan’s Back Pain Survival Guide because he goes into great detail about all of this. I have found Morgan to be extremely inspiring, so much so I will be attending one of his continuing education course this winter. It has been along time since I found something I have been this passionate about and it feels good.

How it works

When it comes to determining the cause of your chronic lower back pain you have to be a bit of a detective. Morgan helps guide you through this process and finally figure out what is causing all your pain and suffering. The first thing you will learn in the Back Pain Survival Guide is what are the common causes of pain. Morgan goes into great detail explaining common poor postural habits and other common culprits that typically hold someone back when fighting chronic pain.

Highly targeted exercises:

Once you understand why you are hurting, then you can begin to correct bad habits and learn how to focus your attention on the right muscle groups.

Once you have determined your bad habits and you have learned ways to break those behaviors then it’s time to start applying the exercises. In the Back Pain Survival Guide you will receive a DVD illustrating the different movements, how to effectively perform then and the duration to which a pose should be held. This is a step-by-step guide that anyone regardless of their background could follow easily. In addition to the DVD you will also receive 3 more books full of useful real life strategies to combat life stresses and common aches and pains. That’s 4 books and 1 DVD in total!

To often we focus on the wrong muscles when trying low back pain exercises, I am guilty of this as well. When my hip was in chronic pain I was focusing on a small muscle call the Tensor fasciae latae muscle or TFL. For over a year I stretched and foam rolled this poor muscle and it gave me no relief at all. After I finally had an X-ray done I saw the damage that was happening with my hip and I had to correct it immediately!  I saw the writing on the wall, I have seen it with my clients for years and I knew I needed to change my approach because the low back exercises I was doing wasn’t helping.

It was through The Back Pain Survival Guide that I learned new and far more effective treatments for my lower back pain and hip joint issue. I learned to not focus on the TFL but to focus on my core and stretch and strengthen my Psoas muscle. Between that and strengthening my gluts I FINALLY began to feel relief from my lower back pain.

Since my low back and hip issue went on for so long I can not undo the damage I have in my right hip joint but I can prevent further damage so that is what I am doing.  Between my daily stretches and exercises along with the use of a shoe insert for my right foot only (recommended by my chiropractor) I do not have the pains I had just a few months ago. Morgan’s program is so effective I talk about it with many of my clients.

I reference his videos often with clients to give them a visual aid of the exercises I am asking them to do at home and I am getting a better response because I am able to present a workable program with step by step instructions and illustrations. I can honestly say this program changed the course of my massage business.

I am thankful for my experience with my injuries, I learned so much through this process and I wanted to share that with you. If you are suffering from lower back pain or low lumbar pain this is a must experience program that could change your life! He’s a demonstration of what the Back Pain Survival Guide has in store for you.

These are easy to follow exercises that Morgan breaks down why you need to focus on that muscle and not the other. He offers real life experience and compassion in his teachings. This program changed my life and I hope it does the same for you, I understand it can be so frustrating when you are looking for something to take you pain away and nothing is working. I have been there and it’s frustrating.

To often I am told by clients that they have gone to every doctor, every specialist, they have a laundry list of pain medication they are taking and still, pain exists. With the teachings of the Back Pain Survival Guide I have been able to better help and guide my clients but you don’t need a massage therapist to help you with this, you can have these results all on your own.

Morgan gives you all the information you need to successful treat any area of the body all on your own. You need NO prior understanding of the body, he will explain everything in a way that you can understand. His program takes you through the steps needed to get your body back on track, so follow his instructions as they are laid out and you will see results.

Final thoughts

Massage is expensive and sadly so are doctors and prescriptions, this is why you need to give the Back Pain Survival Guide a shot. Take back your life and get focused! If you work the steps and take action you can’t fail, if you would like more information about Morgan Sutherland and his program please click here. I hope you found this article helpful as you search for answers regarding back pain relief. If you have any questions related to pain management I would love to help. Simple leave a comment below and I will reply as quickly as I can, thank you and good luck.





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  1. How do I relieve my lower back pain that I have from driving my semi 10 hours a day

    1. Author

      Hello Joe,
      Thank you for the question. Sitting all day is tough on your body, especially if your truck is extra bumpy. If you have to sit for work you can’t change that but you can change what you do outside of work. If you sit for most of the day you will want to focus on stretching your core muscles as they are likely shortened. Morgan is the author of The Back Pain Survival Guide and he has some really great stretches with a DVD of illustrations and a walk through of how to apply the techniques. If you do nothing else, I recommend doing your best to stretch and strengthen your core muscle groups. You can do this by simply Googling a few yoga poses. I recommend doing this before and after work, stretching and strengthening your core will help with a variety of chronic pains especially your lower back. I hope that helps, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask!

  2. I totally agree with you that sitting is really bad for the back especially our tailbone. With all the ergonomic changes that are taking place in the workforce especially since the now bringing in standing desks, it’s a wonder that back pain is still a number one problem.Having had had four pregnancies, each one made my back pain worse. Which I’m still trying to deal with many years later. Thanks for the information on the low lumbar back pain treatment.

    My daughter who tried her hand at skateboarding also ended up hurting her back. This will also be good for her.

    1. Author

      Skateboarding, yikes! I’m glad you found this helpful and If you have any questions about the low back pain relief guide, please let me know

  3. Wow Kelly- so glad that you found something that has help your chronic lumbar challenges.  I am lucky enough to have a Vera Desk at work and being able to stand sometimes really helps my back…so i don’t have to sit all day.  That is the worst.

    It sounds like Morgans Back Pain Survival Guide combines a lot of proven exercises, lifestyle changes, and treatments to tackle this issue.  How long have you been using his program?  Also happy to see some yoga poses…which I think are some of the best exercises you can do for well-being and core strength.

    1. Author

      I found Morgan’s program about 1 1/2 years ago and I started implementing his teachings in my massage practice 1 year ago. Standing desks are amazing. I want one really bad. I had one in my old office but sadly it stayed with the office. Thanks for reaching out and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me 

  4. Hmmm… I think I might have to try this book out.  I’ve had lower back pain for years – starting with a car accident when I was young.  I had a few crazy pregnancies as well after that that didn’t sit well with my back and now I’m suffering from those as well as other things that weren’t so great for my back.  I will have to take a look into this to see what treatments I can get my back into for an easier life!  Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. Author

      Absolutely I’m sorry to hear about your car accident. The teachings in Morgan’s manuals gives you all the information you need to living a healthy life. Thanks for reading

  5. Wow, this looks awesome. I know how debilitating back pain can be for many people. A program like this looks like a God-send. I can see how this experience would make you a better massage therapist–you truly get it when people come to you in pain! I’m glad it has been working so well for you and you have found ways to try and prevent further pain. Good luck!

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