Starting a massage therapy business: Create a brand

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Congratulations you have made the decision to open your own massage therapy business! You have a lot of work ahead of you so let’s get started with the basics of branding a new massage business!

Creating a brand

Creating a brand is your business identity; its your colors, logo, and slogan. People will come to know your business by your brand. It is easier for people to remember images and the colors of an image before remembering a business name. When you are in the early days of growing your massage business, having a clear identity is crucial as you proceed with marketing your business.

You want your brand to be fresh, relevant, and relatable to what you specialize in. When naming your massage business it should be simple but powerful, the word massage doesn’t have to be in your name but it does help.

When naming your massage therapy business it is crucial to nail it, short and to the point is best. It is important your name makes sense and does not get confused with other types of businesses like a physical therapy office.

I know someone who has a massage business and in my opinion the name was to long but the bigger problem was this person used the word orthopedic massage in there name which is misleading.

I would often hear her complain people would call in thinking she was a doctors office and she had to explain that she was a massage therapist and and not a physical therapy.

So think it through and make sure the name is available before you start ordering your massage business cards. Scan Google, Facebook, and checkout SBA to see if a name is taken.

It took me awhile to find a name I liked and that was available but it finally came together and I was really happy with what I came up with. So take your time and do your research.

Once you have your name it’s time to start thinking about your colors. Colors are important because colors create emotions and people do have physiological responses to colors.

Best colors for your website and logo

When choosing the best colors for your website (brand) you do need to take into consideration what colors mean to people so you’re going to need to know a little psychology before you start playing around with different color schemes. 

For example, these are the best colors for your office to promote a relaxing environment:

  • Green 
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Light browns
  • Anything in the cream family 

The reason for this, these colors have a soothing relaxing effect that help put clients into a calming state naturally. 

Worst colors for a massage business

You can make your colors anything you’d like but I would suggest staying away from colors that are a little harsh. For example :

  1. Dark red would not be a great color for a wellness center or spa; red signifies action, adventure, fire, lust, and anger
  2. Black would not be a good color for a massage business, since your room will already be dark having black as a color could absorb the room and make it look like a dungeon
  3. Neon colors are also colors that will be to bold and could be distracting to the feel you are going for.

Best colors for a massage business logo

  1. Orange; energy, vitality, cheer, excitement, adventure.
  2. Yellow; happiness, optimism, enlightenment, creativity, sunshine, warm, and cheering.
  3. Green; rebirth, refresh, fertility
  4. Blue;  dignity, intelligent, cleanliness, peace, security, trust, and calmness of mind.
  5. Purple; mobility, wealth, magic, mystery, spirituality, creativity.

Most spas and massage therapy businesses tend to stay away from darker colors like Grey’s, dark red, and black. When considering the right colors for your business you also need to think about what you’re going to specialize in.

Example, I do deep tissue, sports massage so I work primarily with athletes so my office has a more medical feel to it then say a spiritual feel.

So for my massage therapy business I chose a light grey and athletic light blue with a white background.  I use the same colors across the board including the logos on my embroidered shirts and graphic massage T shirts.

My sign down by the road is the same as the sign on my front door, my logo is the same on everything that has my business name on it, that’s how people know it’s me. 

 Having the right colors for your business and your website will give your business a personality and a heartbeat that clients want to see. When choosing the right colors, go with your gut and what makes you happy.

Best colors: light yellow, medium blue, anything in the green family, light purple, light browns, and cream.

Worst colors: black, dark gray, and dark red

How to make a logo for free

Little Pro tip, if you’re not already familiar with this website I recommend you check out It’s an amazing resource for any and all digital artwork and crafts. What’s great about canva is that its easy to use and it’s free!


You do have to sign up and you do have to put a credit card on file because for 30 days you get unlimited access to all of its features.

Once the trial period is over then it will cost but all you need to do is cancel right before the 30 days and you still have access to so many things on the canva platform that’s free.

Sometimes the free version can be a bit limiting but if you are creative enough you could work around it. By using the canva platform you can create your own custom logo for absolutely nothing.

The free version of canva is more then enough to make your logo, edit pictures, and create your your own personalized massage business cards. 

Once you create your design you can upload your images to Vistaprint and print custom signs and business cards for next to nothing.

Canva is so user friendly  you simple pick a template and go. If you do need a little guidance there are several YouTube videos available to walk you through the basics of Canva.

I use canva for work and for personal projects, I absolutely love canva and it’s free, I highly recommend you try it out!

A image is worth a thousand words

When choosing an image for your logo or marketing materials be sure the image you choose sends the right message.

Your images should tell people what your business does and who you are targeting. If you are trying to grow your prenatal business then you would want images of pregnant women.

If you focus on reiki then you would want images of your crystals and maybe a image of your hands floating just above someone’s back.

If you are a medical massage therapist, perhaps have images of you providing advanced stretching.

The possibilities are endless, just make sure your images reflect what you are specializing in and who you are targeting.

If you don’t have pictures of you at work yet, but you want to get your massage website up and running today, then I suggest check out Here you will find thousands of copywriter free images that won’t cost you a cent! Other sites will say free but they are not, with Pixabay you don’t have to sign up or give any information.

At some point you should add some pictures of yourself because it’s your business and clients will want to know who they will be working with but for the time being give Pixabay a quick glance and see what you can come up with.


A slogan is your catch phrase or tagline, something that sums up your business in a few words. I often use result based massage as my catch phrase or tagline, this tells people my massages are not simply Swedish relaxing massages but massage with a focus. A slogan should not be to long, just a few words to draw someone in. For some great examples of slogans perfect for any massage business click here.

When it comes to starting a business you want to make it your own, so have fun with this process and let your imagination be your guide. I love working for myself and knowing that every piece of my massage business represents me.


If you are ready to become your own boss and begin a life of entrepreneurship then you need to get to work! It all starts with a business plan then create a brand around that business plan, once you have this it’s time to build a website and tell the world you exist! When creating you’re business plan you need to be very specific when it comes to who your ideal client is, knowing the answer to this question will say you a lot of time. For help figuring out who your ideal client is click here for examples and suggestions.

Need help getting started with your business plan? I can help, click here for a free massage therapy business template.

As always I hope you found this article helpful and informative, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below.





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