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Standing desk or standing desk converter?

With over 100 million jobs in America requiring the use of computers it is easy to see why someone like me has a endless supply of clients. For the past 14 years I have had an amazing career as a massage therapist helping those who suffer from mild to severe chronic pain. I have worked with many types of people who have worked in a variety of jobs but the largest number of clients I work with have office jobs.

Sitting in front of a computer all day may not seem like it could do so much harm to ones body but it absolutely can! The human body was not meant to sit all day, our bodies were meant to move. By sitting in front of a desk; day in, day out for your entire working career will result in chronic pain I promise you. Sitting for long periods of time will lead to neck, back and shoulder trigger points as well as low back and sciatic nerve pain.

These are the most common complaints I hear of every single day. One of the first things I ask my clients is if they feel like their work station is ergonomic or not? Most times the answer is no, I strongly believe an inefficient work station will lead to a life of pain and struggle. This is why I feel investing in ergonomic equipment like standing desk or standing desk converters are crucial to you health!

What is the best standing desk for you?

There are a few types of standing desks to choose from:


The adjustable standing-desk is known as “set it and forget it” because it’s adjustable. It’s kind of like your chair, once you set it you don’t want to re-do it. This is usually done with a crank on the side of the table. For some the idea of manually having to crank the table up or down is daunting but it really isn’t that bad.  

Some designs are more sleek looking then others. As no to offices or styles are alike, you will find a variety  to choose from which is really excited for those that want a office to look fresh and modern.

(control panel convenient and out of sight)

Adjustable – Electric    

Remember that moment of excitement when you could stop cranking your car window open, but you could open and close it with a button? Welcome to the adjustable electric standing desk.With the electric lift, simply pushing a button allows you to adjust this desk to the height you want it to be set at. Although these desks are more expensive, there ease of use allows multiple people to use them with no effort or disruption of precious work time.

Just like anything else in this world, comfort comes at a cost. For some the cost is irrelevant if the product will have a positive impact on the employees and allowing for multiple users. The Benefits of a standing desks  are immeasurable when it comes to health and productivity of its users. The electric table may cost more but this one time investment could save your company thousands in the long run.

Adjustable – Converter  

This is the most economical option, and one you can implement rather quickly. You can use your existing desk or even your counter top. All you have to do is add a standing-desk converter. It stands on top of your desk and simply converts your work station into a standing-workstation.

Standing-desks are more than a fad. Sitting for long periods of time can have a harmful effect on your body. Regardless of where you work, it’s important to get up, move, or simply stand. I am a big fan of the standing desk converters because they are so affordable.

Well, some can get pricey but for the most part these little guys go for around $100-$200. They take little to no effort to assemble and you are ready to go. These are great for the office, at home, or in a dorm room

Treadmill Desks

Yes this is a real thing, a treadmill desk makes so much sense, I do some of my best thinking on the treadmill. When your body is in motion it is easy to keep your energy level up and the creative juices flowing. This type of desk obviously wouldn’t work in all types of office’s but for some, this desk would be the perfect fit for someone who needs to keep moving!

A treadmill desk will be two separate pieces, the desk and the treadmill are not connected so essentially you could make any standing desk into a treadmill desk. You just need to make sure you have enough clearance in between the legs also be sure your desk can achieve the height you now need. The treadmill by itself runs around $700 and up. 

For example, I am 5’2″ so I would need my desk to be 37.5 inches from the ground but if I add the treadmill that would add 3 inches making me now 5’5″ so I would need to make sure my desk can raise to 39.5 inches.  Most desk I have seen have no trouble accommodating averaged height folks, but if you are pretty tall I would do the math before I buy. A standing desk calculator is coming up, keep reading!

If you are interested in a treadmill desk and you do not have a standing desk currently, you might like a combo desk like the LifeSpan. This is a true treadmill desk, there are two pieces but they are build to fit together.  

This LifeSpan treadmill desk has gotten better with age. This is LifeSpan 3rd generation model and they have done it right with the extra wide desk, quite motor so you will not interrupt your coworkers, hidden cords so it does not look messy, and the desk adjusts up to 52.5 inches which could accommodate pretty much everyone.

Just imagine being able to get your 10,000 steps in without ever leaving the office. I mean don’t get me wrong, it is a good idea to walk away from your computer from time to time but just think how this could really optimize your day if you didn’t need to factor gym time into your busy schedule. That alone is worth it to me.

Standing desk for laptops 

So sometimes you don’t need the a big permanent piece of furniture, maybe you office or classroom just needs something you can move around freely just for your laptop. Perhaps a movable laptop podium is just what your looking for. I’m not gonna lie, I really like this little thing.

This could be good for work or for home, the front is slightly curved so you could easily slide it into a corner when it’s not in use. It also has a little storage down below, and who doesn’t love storage!

When I first saw this piece I was thinking teachers that don’t have assigned classrooms would benefit from this and I still think it would be good for that but after looking at it for awhile I am thinking kitchen! Cook books go on the shelf and the laptop at a nice level to see while cooking so you can watch your shows or check your emails while you cook, I love it!

Sit to stand workstation: Benefits

Now that we have gone over the different types of standing desks, let’s talk benefits.

The following list of benefits was compiled based off of 20 different studies and surveys I have read. These are the benefits that institutions like; Harvard medical studies, Mayo clinic, and the US nation library of medicine have concluded in there findings as potential benefits for sit to stand workstations:

  • Burns more calories then sitting (not a crazy amount but a few more)
  • Prevents bad posture
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases dopamine and serotonin
  • Deceases sick days due to common injuries related to sitting
  • Decreases the afternoon “itis”
  • May lower blood sugar levels

A common question I have seen pop up while researching standing desks was weather it makes a difference at all to sit or to stand? From my experience in my career I filmy believe having the ability to alternate your bodies position as much as possible throughout the day will greatly decrease common aches and pains you may otherwise feel from sitting all day long.

Sitting to much is killing you:

Standing desk dimensions:

A sit to stand workstation sounds awesome, but let’s make sure it will fit in the desired space before you pull out your credit card. Fortunately we have a wide variety of standing desks to choose from these days. Designers know we are not a one size fits all kind of consumers so you will be presently surprised to see many different types of desks that could potentially work for just about any space.

A standard converting desks dimensions are anywhere from :

Or you might like a stand desk converter.

A converter kit is the most economical choice and is quite popular for it’s ability to be removed as needed, making it a easier sell to your boss if you are attempting to persuade your employer to purchase standing desks for  yourself or for the entire office. If you need some tips on how to get your boss on board with the standing desk craze, click here for some helpful tips.

Proper ergonomic desk height: Ergonomic workstation calculator

If you wear heels to work be sure to include a inch or two when determining the proper settings for your converting desk. Below is a list of recommended height arrangements to make your work station ergonomic!

5’0″  36.5 in                                   5’10”  43 in

5’1″  37.0 in                                  5’11”  43.5 in

5’2″  37.5 in                                   6’0″  44.0 in

5’3″  38.0 in                                   6’1″  44.5 in

5’4″  39.0 in                                   6’2″  45.5 in

5’5″  39.5 in                                   6’3″  46.0 in

5’6″  40.5 in                                    6’4″  47 in

5’7″  41.0 in                                    6’5″  47.5 in

5’8″  41.5 in                                   6’6″  48.0 in

5’9″  42.5 in                                   6’7″  49.0 in

When calculating your correct table height be sure to factor in the some space if you plan on getting a standing mat to go along with your new desk. If you plan to really utilize the standing features of your new ergonomic standing desk, a mat might be something to consider purchasing along with the desk.

There is a reason you see cashiers, teachers, bartenders, even musicians standing on mats, and that is because they are effective in preventing fatigue in your feet and legs.Standing desk mats can range for $20-$100, if you are purchasing a mat that will be seen in the office, don’t worry there are several standing desk mats that are not to bad looking.

Best standing desk mats:

The Not-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat with Calculated Terrain $99.00


1. Every standing desk needs a good mat. Topo is the best – a great mat with next-generation features.

  • With Topo, you’ll sit less and stand comfortably because it inspires active and varied stances.
  • Cushioned terrain drives subconscious movement – unlike distracting treadmills & balance boards.
  • Switch between sitting and standing? Topo is engineered to be easily positioned with just one foot.
  • Get the true benefit of standing! Feel energized & productive. More movement means a healthier you. All that, plus a 7-year warranty!

2Sky Mats Oasis by, Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat 20 x 39 x 3/4″  $40.00


  • COMFORTABLE: Patented Sky Core Foam creates a perfect blend of support and softness for standing all day in the kitchen or office.
  • SAFE: Advanced beveled edge and super non-slip bottom to prevent tripping.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Highest quality materials with NO toxic off-gassing smell.
  • DURABILITY: Our ergonomic mats will stand the test of time and you have a Lifetime replacement promise if it doesn’t.
  • STYLE: Modern look that easily wipes clean and will not collect dirt or pet hair.


3.  Butterfly Ergonomic Non-Flat Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat $49.00  

  • The calculated terrain encourages healthy movement while supporting the user with incredibly comfortable environmentally-friendly supportive foam
  • The massage points activate blood flow and engage more muscles than simple standing mats are able to.Center “teardrop” further drives movement and the ankle range of motion
  • Contoured beveled edge design and no-curl edges prevent tripping hazard.Easy hands-free edge position lets you slide the mat on various floor surface
  • Switch between sitting and standing? Butterfly standing mat will make you feel more energized and productive
  • Every standing desk needs a great mat. Butterfly is the best – a great mat with next-generation feature. 

Even if you decide a standing desk is not for you right now, having a mat placed under your work station or at home were you spend a great deal of time or in your office it might be a good idea to have one.


Here are the best manual standing desks for 2018:

Stand Up Desk Store 60 inch adjustable standing desk 


  • STABLE AND SEAMLESS MOVEMENT: Smooth crank adjustment takes your desk from sitting to standing in less than one minute; lower surface adjusts from 29” – 43”; upper surface adjusts from 33.5” – 47.25”
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Two-tier design keeps your arms at a 90-degree angle while typing and your computer monitors at eye level; helps improve posture and minimize discomfort
  • MOBILE WORKSPACE: Quickly move your desk from one room to another across a variety of surfaces with four caster wheels; lock front two wheels in place for stationary work
  • LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: Frame is constructed of durable steel and has a powder coat paint finish for enhanced quality

40″ Black Shelves Mobile Ergonomic Stand Up Desk Computer Workstation

  • This innovative standing desk promotes better posture, reduced back and neck pain, a thinner waist line and increased productivity. Overall dimensions: 39.4” W x 28.8″ D x 34.1” to 46.1” H. Weight Capacity: 154 lbs, evenly distributed.
  • Height of lower and upper shelves adjusts at 1″ increments
  • The two tier shelf design puts your monitor at the proper viewing height and the keyboard and mouse at the proper working height
  • The silver gray powder coat paint finish is heavy duty ensuring years of use



DEVAISE Adjustable Height Standing Desk 55 Inch with Crank Handle/White

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Height adjustable desk allows you to work comfortably throughout the day
  • SIT to STAND: Adjustable height from 29″ to 45″ with crank handle,meets most people’s standing height needs
  • LARGE WORKSPACE: 55.1″W x 23.6″D work space provides large area for 2 monitors at a comfortable position
  • INSTALL CRANK EITHER SIDE: Adjusts with a pull-out crank, crank can be installed on the left or right as your habits


Best electric standing tables 2018

60″ Electric Stand Up Desk -Adjust From Sitting to a Standing Desk in 20 Seconds 

  • Features an electric operated push button control that quickly adjusts from sitting to a standing desk in just 20 seconds (range from 29.5″ – 45.25″H)
  • This innovative standing desk promotes better posture, reduced back and neck pain, a thinner waist line and increased productivity
  • Moving the stand up desk from room to room is easy with the 1.5″ heavy duty furniture casters, and the desk locks into place with two locking brakes. Also includes leveling furniture feet perfect for uneven surfaces.


DEVAISE Electric Standing Desk Frame with Memory Controller

  • Dual Motor Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Base (Rectangular Leg – White)
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT 24.5″ – 50.1″ : Press a button and DEVAISE electric standing desk adjusts to your choice of hundreds of different sitting and standing positions; 1.5″ per second lift speed.
  • DUAL MOTOR LIFT MECHANISM: Offers smoother height adjustments, better stabilization and low noise while running; Noise level in running mode is under 50 dBs.
  • 3 SECTION LIFTING LEG: Delivers increased power, speed and stability; Weight capacity up to 220 lbs, with BIFMA TEST and UL CERTIFIED.
  • ANTI- COLLISION FUNCTION – The desk will stop and bounce back when encounters more than 10 kg obstruction while moving up and down to prevent accidental damages.
  • MEMORY CONTROLLER: Makes each transition quick and easy; LED height readout, up/down button and four programmable memory buttons.

Move 80 Series 60W Height Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Height adjustable motorized base paired with top surface
  • Durable thermally fused laminate work surface features superior resistance to scratches and stains
  • Three stage units provide height range from 23″ to 49″ high and operates at speed of 1.5″ per second
  • Four programmable presets with a quiet, soft-touch start and stop
  • Quiet UL listed electric motors, 10 foot power cord plugs into standard wall outlet


Best standing desk converters 2018

FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk 

  • 35″ wide platform Height Adjustable Stand up Desk
  • Computer Riser with Removable Keyboard Tray (Medium size Black)
  • Straight Up & Down Movement – Our space-saving workstation rises and folds vertically, within its own footprint. There’s no need to make the spatial accommodations that may be required with comparable products.
  • Smooth & Easy Adjustments – Our single-handle design makes it super easy to safely adjust the height of the desk. You never need to use two hands or extra force like with some other brands.
  • Spacious Work Surface – With our groove-free, extra-deep desktop, you will have plenty of space to accommodate a laptop, computer monitor, paperwork and more.
  • Quick-Release Keyboard Tray – Our full-sized keyboard tray features a deeper work surface to fit a larger keyboard, mouse, and mousepad as well as a unique quick-release design so you can quickly and easily remove it when you’re performing tasks that don’t require a keyboard and mouse.
  • Ergonomic Benefits for Every Height – Whether you’re 5’1″ or 6’1″, you can comfortably shift from sitting to standing with 12 different height levels.

Stand Steady Mega Standing Desk  (most economical)

  • Stand Up Desk Topper
  • Instantly Convert Any Surface to a Standing Desk 
  • Easy Assembly No Tools Required! Largest Desk Converter 
  • LARGEST DESKTOP: The 39.5 inch x 22 inch desktop covers your entire desk. It is large enough for everything you currently have on your desk, plus you gain over 6 sq ft of space below it.
  • ERGONOMIC & STURDY: You can adjust the height so that you can work at your proper comfort level. This critical feature is missing in many other standing desks! And the Mega is sturdy and reliable!
  • DIMENSIONS: Desktop is 39.5″ x 22” and height adjusts from 12” to 17.5″.

Halter ED-258 Pre-assembled Height Adjustable Desk Sit/Stand Desk Elevating Desktop

  • Squeeze handles for easy height adjustment
  • Comes fully assembled, just place the desk on top of a table / desk / etc. and you’re all set
  • Switches from sitting to standing position in seconds
  • Fits most desks in any office or cube
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Amazon’s number one pick

As you thumb through Amazon looking for the right desk, don’t forget to consider the table height as that is the most important element to this whole idea. Don’t be afraid of a little assembling, you might surprise yourself and you could figure it out quicker then you think.

I hope you found this helpful, if you have any question please feel free to leave a comment below or if you liked this article let me know! Thanks for reading


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